About the XMM ( At Least I think so )

About the XMM ( At Least I think so )

Welcome to Alien Baby Princess Store! I am (A+)Li En and I am the owner of this shop.

With the encouragement of my closest friend and partner, I have decided to open an online business selling clothes and fashion accessories. I am also currently still studying for a customer experience-related diploma which means I will do my best to apply all concepts and skills learned in this project aka Alien Baby Princess.

Like most girls, I love dressing and buying clothes. Especially with the advancement of technology (people just love this phrase, don't they?), online shopping is getting so much more popular and I absolutely love going online to buy clothes. It just makes life easier for me (introvert alert); staff at clothing shops won't be able to disturb your comfortable shopping spree.

Our clothes also tend to be cheaper as we source from suppliers in China. This could however mean it will take a longer time for our items to reach your hands 🥲🥲🥲. But I can promise you that our products are specially curated for you so give the store a try.🤗🤗🤗

So visit my home page and take a look around. If you do have enquiries, drop me an email by clicking this link.

So keep slaying queensssss! (I do not actually know the meaning)

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