Huat to Wear for CNY? Here are 3 tips to ensure you look the huat(est) in the room.

Huat to Wear for CNY? Here are 3 tips to ensure you look the huat(est) in the room.

Here are 3 tips to ensure you look the huat(est) in the room.

#1 Nothing will ever go wrong with a cheongsam.

The cheongsam - which can also be referred to as a Qipao - is a traditional Chinese dress. The cheongsam’s collar has an iconic slit that is embroidered with chinese frog fasteners which can help you achieve an elegant look this CNY. 

Traditional Green Cheongsam Dress

This cheongsam is perfect for girls who love a classic look. The cheongsam has a brilliant dark green striped pattern which is great for CNY if you wish to not only look elegant, but minimalist.

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However, not everyone will be satisfied with a traditional look. There is no need to fret as we have a solution to that. 

Halter Short Cheongsam

This cheongsam has a modern twist as it has a halter collar instead of its typical collar. This can enhance the shoulders and can instantly make you look sexy. out the halter short cheongsam dress at

Mandarin Collar with Puff Sleeve Cheongsam

Check out this gorgeous red cheongsam with puffy sleeves which is suitable for any girl.

This dress not only has puffy sleeves but a short flowing skirt which is definitely a great twist compared to a traditional dress. out the mandarin collar with puff sleeve cheongsam at

#2 Crop tops will make your life easier 

In such humid weather, crop tops will be a lifesaver to ensure you keep cool and huat this CNY. Let’s not forget that crop tops can be easily paired with a pair of jeans, shorts or skirt. This will mean you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank this CNY as you can easily get a crop top and pair it with any bottoms you already have. 

Women Patchwork Crop Top

This crop top is great for CNY as it has the iconic frog fasteners like a cheongsam dress. This would be perfect for any girl who wishes to match the CNY theme and yet not wish to spend too much effort in picking their fits. The patchwork crop top would also be great for an everyday look thus making a wonderful piece of clothing to keep wearing all year round. out the women patchwork crop top at

Chinese Style Crop Top

This is another great crop top with more detailed frog fasteners which match the CNY theme. This crop top has an opening which can enable you to show off cleavage and make you look sexy and gorgeous at the same time. Like the patchwork crop top, this top can be easily paired with any jeans or skirt and makes your life easier. out the chinese style crop top at

#3 Match with your bestie

Have any sisters who would like to match with you on every special occasion? This tip would be great for you and help you bond closer with your friends this CNY. Matching clothes no longer needs to be the exact same clothing with the exact same colour. Mix and match clothing to create a better match and you can do so by getting different colours of the same clothing or vice versa.

Chinese Style Bodycon Dress and Crop Top

Check out this blue dress and crop top set! It’s the perfect set if you and your bestie have a preference for wearing only dresses or tops. It matches perfectly with the CNY theme and makes you and your bestie shine brightly this CNY. Both pieces of clothing come in either blue, pink and black. This would mean you can match with all your besties this CNY and have an inexpensive matching set for the best CNY photos.

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