What's Your Colour

What's Your Colour

As a kid growing up, I would constantly see children's shows with characters wearing just one colour. Examples like Powerpuff Girls and Winx Club have showed me that wearing a single colour can be fun and stylish at the same time. 

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As a student still doing my tertiary education, I have been sticking to just one colour when buying and choosing my outfits. However, it’s understandable that it may get boring after some time and it’s not practical to have just one colour to wear. You can simply choose to wear a single colour for a short period or every once in a while. I personally use 13 weeks (an academic semester in my school system) to gauge when to change my colours.

This way of dressing has allowed me to make faster and more effective decisions which leaves me more time for better things in life (not including Netflix and relationship problems). Thus, if you are not sure about what to wear all the time, do take some time to see what I have to recommend for you.

#1 Finding Your Colour

This is definitely the first step in the process. Most people should by now be able to identify their favourite colours. However, if you cannot do so, then perhaps approach a friend or family member to ask about the kind of colours that are suitable for you and what you might actually like. Another option would be to observe your surroundings like your room or workspace. Most times, you would be able to spot one or two prevailing trends. 

#2 Implementing the Colour in Your Style

The easiest way to ensure you get your most desired colour into your outfit will be focusing on your tops. People will usually take notice of your shirt or blouse first before the rest of the outfit. 

Tops are much easier to buy as you can roughly gauge your size and you simply need to pick the design. Furthermore, tops tend to be much cheaper than pants. Thus, making it the best apparel for you to experiment with to find the colours you can rock. 

However, an outfit is more than just a T-shirt. So, when you know in your heart that a certain colour is you, start playing around with the whole outfit and not just the tops. You do not need to restrict yourself to merely clothes; accessories like earrings and rings can help in building an outfit that focuses on a single colour. 

#3 Matching is Fun!

Dressing in your colour really shows your personality and it will emit a certain vibe to the people around you. You can also have fun by wearing the exact same outfit but in different colours with your friends. This can be an excellent idea when choosing a dressing style for a day out with your bestie. 

Here are some clothing examples which are suitable for matching.

Short Halter Sling Knitting Vest Top

This crop top comes in green, blue, white, black and pink which makes it an ideal choice when matching with friends. This crop top can be easily paired with a pair of jeans, shorts and skirts which really helps save cost when trying to match with friends. 

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Retro Patchwork Crop Top

This retro Patchwork Crop Top is the perfect top you need for a casual day out with your friends. Nothing too flashy and can be easily paired with jeans or shorts. 

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Long Sleeve and Lace Up Mini Dress

Into dresses instead? Check out this mini dress that comes in dusty blue, white and black. It’s perfect for a trio group and a great outfit choice for a night out.

Check out this long sleeve and lace up mini dress at AlienBabyPrincess.store

Using just a single colour can help limit the number of choices that are being offered to you; it’s perfect for those out there who are indecisive and struggle in making choices. 

I do hope this blog post will help you in your journey of finding the right style for you.

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