About Us


Thanks for dropping by the Alien Baby Princess Store.

I am Li En, you can call me Enah, and I am here to assist you with any query you might have with this store.

The Alien Baby Princess Store started as a personal project due to my passion for fashion.

During my secondary school days, I played dress-up and posted pictures of myself on Instagram stories.

Going by the likes and sometime unwanted attention I got, I deduced that my eye for fashion isn't that bad after all, and that I could possibly do something useful with this unique skill of mine.

At the suggestion of a very good friend of mine, I decided to embark upon setting up an online store such as this, and help girls around my age to dress up, look hot and basically enjoy and accentuate the beauty of our bodies.

All the clothing and accessories here are sourced directly from our partners in China.

When you order from the Alien Baby Princess Store, you get your products straight from the source, hot off the oven.

No more dusty dresses sitting on the racks in a shop for months. No pesky salespeople stalking and staring at you. Shopping can be a seamless and private affair.

It's a girl's heaven.

I hope you will enjoy your stay at the Alien Baby Princess Store. If you ever need to, you can reach out to me by clicking here.