What Countries Do You Sell To?

This website was created by a Singapore girl for Singapore girls. As such, we only ship to Singapore. The day might come when we will consider catering to the rest of the world. Until then, our apologies for being unable to cope.

How Much Do You Charge for Shipping?

Our shipping rates are really affordable.

For purchases less than S$ 20, we will charge a flat rate of only S$ 3.

For purchases over and beyond S$ 20, shipping is absolutely free.

Can I Personally Collect My Purchases from Your Physical Store?

Unfortunately, no. Our products are shipped directly from our suppliers in China. We don't carry any inventory.

Why are My Purchases Arriving in Different Batches?

Well, your purchases are fulfilled by different suppliers. That allows variety in our offers to you, since we are not constrained by the product ranges offered by any one supplier. But that also means when you buy more than one item, your purchases will arrive at different times.

But hey. That can be fun, since the joy of receiving packages doesn't stop at one. LOL.

How Long Does It Take for My Shipment to Arrive?

As a rule of thumb, shipments tend to arrive from 3 to 5 weeks. Allow up to 8 weeks max for your shipments to arrive. If you can't track your package, do send us an email. We will check with our suppliers and update you accordingly.